Book a stay for your pets in our pet hotel.

We offer standard and luxury boarding for your pooch and a wonderful, private Kitty City for your feline friends.


We offer boarding and basic grooming to all of our pet friends.

Boarding animals are housed in our climate controlled kennels and are monitored by our doctors and staff throughout the day. We administer any medications, supplements, or vitamins per your request while your pet is boarding with us. We proudly feed all of our boarding animals Purina EN, a gastrointestinal diet that aids in reducing stress-induced diarrhea. If your pet’s normal diet includes food other than Purina EN, we encourage you to bring that food in with your pet to prevent stomach upset, which is usually associated with an abrupt change in diet or the stress of boarding.

It is important to notify a member of our Receptionist Team of any special needs upon dropping off your pet for stay, and we will happily accommodate those needs.

Luxury Boarding Suites

Book a luxury suite for your pampered pooch.

In a private section of our pet hotel, you’ll find a separate run of suites featuring cozy bedding, toys, and a view of outdoors.

For the safety of your pet and those already boarding, it is required that all boarding animals are current with their yearly vaccinations. If you do not have records indicating that your pet has received the appropriate vaccinations within the year, it is mandatory that they be vaccinated upon arrival.



for dogs and cats include baths, shave downs and trims, and nail trims.



with your dog’s 3+ nights stay.



are fed Purina EN, a gastrointestinal diet that aids in reducing stress-induced diarrhea.